Claroty Case Study: Chemical Industry

Within the OT ecosystem, the Chemical industry features a fundamental dependency between process control and human and environmental
safety. The production of fertilizers, plastics, pesticides and petrochemical entails the storage and processing of toxic materials, commanding
additional safety responsibilities on top of plant reliability and productivity requirements. 

The cyber threat landscape for OT networks is changing rapidly. The classic nation state threat actors, targeting critical infrastructure, are now
joined by multiple groups that are leveraging newly disclosed attack tools (such as the ones leaked from the NSA trove by the ShadowBrokers
group). New threats include both cyber criminals executing impactful ransomware campaigns as well as the rising potential for jihadists or
other terrorists to leverage widely available, and very sophisticated tools and techniques to cause harm.

Chemical Industry Case Study


In this case study, we will explore:

  • the deployment process of the full Claroty platform
  • a review of the argochemical plant's physical and network structure
  • security concerns and threat scenarios raised by the plant's team
  • samples of the Claroty platform security findings
  • the risk mitigation role of each product in the platform: Continuous Threat Detection, Secure Remote Access and Enterprise Management Console



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