Claroty Continuous Threat Detection 

In this session, Claroty Technical Director Gary Kneeland provides a hands-on demonstration of the capabilities of Claroty Continuous Threat Detection, our flagship OT/IIoT security solution.  Complete the form below to see how Claroty can help reduce risk in your operational environment:

  • Asset Discovery- Automatically builds a detailed inventory of your OT/IIoT assets including how they are configured and details about the “conversations” between assets
  • Threat Detection- Monitors behavior of assets and communication patterns on the OT network to provide prioritized alerts when known threats or suspicious activity is detected
  • Risk Assessment- Identifies security gaps on the network including vulnerabilities and network “hygiene’ issues
  • Network Segmentation- Creates and enforces virtual micro-segmentation “zones” and a provides a complete network map to accelerate physical segmentation projects
  • Incident Response- Accelerates response by providing IR teams with detail on the exact chain of network events leading up to every single alert

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Evaluation Criteria for Choosing an ICS Cyber Security Monitoring System


Demo - The Claroty Platform


Solution Brief - The Claroty Platform