OT Cyber Threat Landscape, Q1 2020

The first several months of 2020 have brought forth numerous notable events and complex threats of great significance to industrial enterprises, critical infrastructure, and other organizations that rely on OT networks.

In this first quarterly installment of our OT Cyber Threat Landscape webinar series, Claroty Chief Security Officer Dave Weinstein will offer insight and context into notable trends and developments impacting OT environments, including:

  • Supply chain security risks to power grids and other critical infrastructure
  • Ransomware campaigns, such as Snake (EKANS), that infiltrate OT networks after entering a victim organization’s IT network
  • The unique implications for a largely remote workforce when it comes to securing an OT network, especially as businesses adapt to continue operations amid the spread of COVID-19
  • Malware campaigns, such as Lemon Duck, that target industrial OT networks via vulnerabilities in the SMB protocol stack

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