Driving Better Cybersecurity for Industrial Networks and Critical Infrastructure

Presented by:

  • Dan DesRuisseaux- Director, CyberSecurity Program, Schneider Electric
  • Patrick McBride- Chief Marketing Officer, Claroty


Join Dan Desruisseaux and Patrick McBride for a deep-dive discussion on:

Driving Monitor1

  • The rapidly changing threat landscape in Industrial Control System/Critical Infrastructure network security

  • The reasons why deploying a real-time, continuous threat monitoring, detection and response platform is the most effective step you can take to enhancing security

  • A look under the covers at the logic and evaluation criteria Schneider used to arrive at its decision to work with Claroty

  • Detail on how this relationship works for clients around the globe

  • A look at how Schneider Electric service teams can be harnessed to assist end users who lack cybersecurity expertise

  • A blueprint you can use for educating your organization on the growing threat to these critical networks and a 5 step plan for driving security innovation

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